New Pickups: Mendokusai & Akuno

Hey all! Excited to announce a couple new series we're picking up. We've been fans of these series for a long time, and we hope you'll like them too!

Omaera Zenin Mendokusai is the cute story of a well-meaning teacher and the students who crush on him. I highly recommend the mangaka, TOBI, for his phenomenal art.

Akuno Himitsu Kessha is a short 4koma following the model student Akuno and her attempts to form a secret evil society. Fans of World Conquest: Zvezda Plot might appreciate the theme; everyone will appreciate the humor.

Mendokusai Ch. 27: Download
Akuno Ch. 7: Download

Also, you may have seen that Batoto is closing down. We haven't yet decided how we'll serve our online readers (imgur? hosted reader?) but we'll try to make sure you're all covered!

As always, chime in if you want to help out, or just like the chapter!

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