Shadowverse Brews: Rune Spear

Not pictured: Gilgamesh


How many times have you won as Daria Rune, without ever seeing Daria? The one-two combo of Levi and Piercing Rune is the best tempo package in the game. The deck's biggest weakness, though, is how often it bricks. If you don't draw the spellboosting half of your deck before the creature half, you just sit around casting overcosted Fighters and Goliaths.

What if you could cash in on the power of Levi and Piercing Rune, but in a shell streamlined for aggression? The rest of Rune's creatures are pretty underpowered anyways, so let's look at the Neutral section. Hm. Y'know, they've been pushing these cards pretty hard. Goblin, Unica, Healing Angel, Carrotman, Goblin Mage, and Feena all see play in a variety of tier 1 decks. Now, if only we could find some kind of Banner effect...

Card Choices

  • 1 Drops
    • 3x Goblin. Not a lot of other choices here.
  • 2 Drops - The real meat of this deck.
    • 3x Valkyrie's Spear. Half the cost of Banner, and almost all the effect.
    • 3x Levi. Actually a 4-drop in disguise.
    • 3x Unica. Basically has ward.
    • 3x Sektor. Sometimes, the fanfare is even relevant.
    • 3x Lyrial. Poor man's Levi.
  • 3 Drops - These fill in the curve on turns 3 and 5.
    • 3x Goblin Mage. Keeps your hand full of 2 drops.
    • 3x Gourmet Emperor Khaiza. See above.
    • 3x Healing Angel. Great for buying time against other aggro decks.
  • 4 Drops
    • (You don't actually run any. On turn 4, play two 2-drops instead.)
  • 5 Drops
    • 3x Feena. Super Floral Fencer is great in aggro.
    • 1x Wind God. Spear #4, on a reasonable body.
  • Burn. You can play with the numbers here.
    • 3x Piercing Rune.
    • 2x Dance of Death.
    • 2x Demonic Strike.
    • 1x Gabriel.
    • 1x Gilgamesh.

Gameplay Tips

  • Rune Spear is straightforward to pilot -- play it like an arena deck.
  • Mana efficiency is paramount. Ideally, you never have any unused points.
  • Keep one Goblin, one 2-drop, and one 3-drop if you have a 2.
  • Turn 2 Spear is generally correct, unless they're very aggressive and going first.
  • Otherwise, on turn 2 play Lyrial > Unica > Sektor > Levi. On turn 4, evolve Levi > Lyrial > Carrot > Sektor > Unica.
  • You'll usually want to hit face, but your evo points are to control board.
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